Training for Migrant & Refugee ministry

Hagelkruisstrat 19, 5835BD Beugen

Saturday seminars to equip for Refugee & Migrant work Integration Assistant Course

Come and join us for 10 Saturdays and learn how successful integration of cultures is possible!
What is the course?

A series of seminars designed to equip your church to help migrants and/or refugees integrate into your local community. The course is run in partnership with the European Institute for Integration, Migration and Islam (EIMI) Germany. The seminars are held once a month here at Cornerstone and are available individually or as a certificated course (9 seminars plus practical work).
In English. In The Netherlands.
Want to help those arriving in your community thrive in their new environment? Come and join our Saturday seminars!

Seminars can be taken individually or as a certificated course (9 Saturdays plus reflective and practical work)
Prices: Per day of seminar 75 € (This price includes one saturday seminar, tea, coffee and light lunch)

Seminar Schedule: 9.30 – 17.30

Seminars offered this school year
(Click on the title to know more about each course)

History of Migration - 16/09/2017
Understanding Cultures - 14/10/2017
Biblical Theology of Migration - Being a Stanger as a Gift and a Task - 11/11/2017
The situation of migrants today - 09/12/2017
Trauma – Recognizing Signs, Offering Help - 13/01/2018
Intercultural communication: The Basics - 03/02/2018
Family Structures in other Cultures - 10/03/2018
Multicultural teamwork - Working together with other nationalities - 14/04/2018
Different cultures living together successfully – The Christian Church as a Model - 12/05/2018
The 2nd and 3rd Generation of Immigrants – Opportunities and Challenges - 09/06/2018

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